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MagPuck + MagWallet

First Bamboo MagSafe Charger

Removable USB-C to Bring 1 Cable

iPhone + Airpod compatible

Supports 18 Watt Charge


First Hemp MagSafe Wallet

Built-In Airtag Holder

Holds 4 Credit Cards


World's Most Portable iPhone Stand

Recycled Aluminum + Packaging

Folds Down For On The Go

Portrait + Widescreen

Cable Protection


Replace 4 iPhone accessories

Laptop + Monitor Webcam

Attach to Airline Tray

Attach to Tripod

Attach Accessories

Coming Mid December


Charge + Record

Enable 4k @ 60fps ProRes on iPhone 15

Offload Video from iPhone to external T5 or T7

Use built-in charger with your external battery

Includes 20gbps data cable and charging cable

Easy to attach and portable


More Coming Up


Double Sided MagSafe Magnet

Attaches to Most Metal Gym Equipment

Adjustable on Horizontal Axis

Folds Flat For On The Go

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Compatible with all MagSafe iPhones

Made with Renewable Hemp Fabric

Holds up to 4 Credit Cards

Sleek and Minimalistic

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Enable 4k @ 60fps ProRes Recording

Charge and Record* at the Same Time!

Compatible with all iPhone 15 models

Built in MagSafe Charger with USB-C port

Samsung T5 / T7 SSD Holder with Clamp

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