About Us

Founded by two Engineers who met and became friends at University of California, Davis over a shared appreciation for the high quality and premium experience of Apple products, but saddened by a marketplace of cheap plastic accessories that break within a year.

At our company, we believe that technology should enhance our lives, not complicate them. That's why we strive to create innovative products that seamlessly blend elegant design with true functionality, making the user experience more enjoyable.

Our products are designed to last - and fit in with the high quality and style of your other Apple products. In a world where disposable technology is the norm, we buck the trend by making products that outlast your electronics. This is part of our commitment to sustainable design - we believe in creating products that last as long as they possibly can.

Material selection is key in sustainable design and we aim to use renewable or recycled materials wherever possible, as you may notice with the extensive use of recycled aluminum, bamboo wood, and hemp fabric across our product lineup.