Can iPhone 15 Pro record 4K 60fps Pro Res?

Can iPhone 15 Pro record 4K 60fps Pro Res?

Posted by Matthias Siiteri on

Yes, but with some caveats. 

Currently there are two ways to record 4k 60p pro res. 

  1.  Use a 3rd party app such as Blackmagic camera and internal storage 
  2.  Use an External SSD 


Using 3rd Party App (Blackmagic Camera)

The Blackmagic camera app is truly feature packed and costs nothing.

This is incredible considering that other companies developing similar apps have been increasing prices (i.e. filmic pro). 

The app even enables different codecs from ProRes Proxy all they way to ProRes 422 HQ. 

It's truly a no brainer to use their app if you want manual control over every aspect of filming. 

Just One Problem

The first issue that you will run into is limited storage. 

Just look at the max record times you get using internal storage:

iPhone 15 Pro Storage Price

Record Time

128 GB $999

17 minutes

256 GB $1099 35 minutes 
512 GB $1299 71 minutes
1 TB $1499 150 minutes

 *for ProRes 422 HQ 4K 60p. Calculated after Subtracting 10 GB for system storage and assuming data rate of 7 GB per minute of footage. 

And this is with nothing else on your phone. No apps, no photos, nada. Yikes. 

And here are the prices and record times for external SSDs:

SSD Price

Record Time

Samsung T7 500GB $77

70 minutes

Samsung T7 1TB $99 150 minutes
Samsung T7 Shield 2TB $170 300 minutes
Samsung T7 Shield 4TB $299 600 minutes


You can buy a top of the line 4TB SSD and a base 15 pro for $1299 and have 4 times more record time than shelling out $1499 for the 1TB 15 pro. 

Or if you just want to dip your toes the base 15 pro plus a 500 GB external SSD costs less than the 256gb 15 pro. 

So if you need long record times or just want to save money an External SSD is clearly the way to go.  

Using and External SSD

Plug and play. 

  1. You just plug in the SSD and wait for the iphone native camera app to show "USB-C" in text at the bottom. 
  2. Then you can select the pro res 4k 60p option from the top. 


And if you're looking for a convenient way to mount your SSD, you can check out our SSD mount here:

 The only universal mount on the market with a built in MagSafe charger. 

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