all Mac apps that use continuity camera

The Comprehensive List of Apps that Use Continuity Camera

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How Many Apps Use Continuity Camera?

Most apps that use the camera on the mac should work with continuity camera.
However if you are looking to get the most out of your phone these are the apps with continuity camera features:

Video Calls

  1. Facetime - For video calls
  2. Zoom - For meetings 
  3. Microsoft Teams 
  4. Webex 
  5. WhatsApp

Recording Video

  1. Quicktime - Record video on using your phones camera and mac as a wireless monitor, doesn't allow switching video sources
  2. OBS - Free app that can switch sources on the go
  3. Camo - Paid app

Photos & Scanning Documents

  1. Finder
  2. Keynote 8.2 and later
  3. Mail
  4. Messages
  5. Notes
  6. Numbers 5.2 or later
  7. Pages 7.2 or later
  8. TextEdit
  9. PhotoBooth


Set Up Instruction

  1. Use iPhone XR or later with iOS 16 or later
  2. Ensure that the Mac and iPhone are using the same Apple ID, and that two-factor authentication is turned on
  3. Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for both Mac and iPhone
  4. Connect to the same Wi-Fi
  5. Activate Continuity Camera on your iPhone by going to General > AirPlay & Handoff and enabling Continuity Camera Webcam
  6. Open any app that supports video and click on the on the video icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen.
  7. Select your iPhone from the drop down.

How to Mount Your iPhone

The last step is to find a convenient way to mount your phone at the most flattering angle. 

You might want a mount that can work with either a laptop, desktop monitor or tripod for the most flexibility. 

Check out our MagCam mount here:


Were there some apps we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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