Can you use Steam VR on the Apple Vision Pro?

Can you use Steam VR on the Apple Vision Pro?

Posted by Matthias Siiteri on

The short answer is not officially, however unofficial 3rd party support is coming.  

There's also one DIY approach already working. 

Unofficial 3rd Party Support On The Way:

1) iVRy

iVRy developer is working on a port for Steam VR on the vision pro which has an expected release date of sometime after April when the developers are able to get a hold of a Vision pro to test on. 

Their driver has already been approved by valve:

Early discussions show that boundary will be set in Steam VR as normal. 

Foveated rendering will not be supported since many PCVR applications don't even support it. Also, eye tracking data from the headset will not be available. 

The best news, however, is that iVRy's driver supports various motion controllers on all supported headsets which will include the Apple Vision Pro. Their driver will even have built in support for calibrating the controller and headset tracking spaces.

So that saves you money from buying the  OpenVR Space Calibrator and having to calibrate before each use.

Supported controllers of iVRy driver include:

  • Valve Index and HTC Vive with lighthouse tracking system
  • NoloVR controllers
  • Quest Pro controllers (needs to use Quest 2, 3 or Pro as a controller hub)

Of course it's already possible to natively use a standard non-motion tracked controller like for Xbox or Playstation. Its just not as immersive.

2) Virtual Desktop:

The highly recommended and popular Virtual Desktop application is getting a port for the Vision Pro as well. 

VRD developer Guy Godin is currently working on the port but release date is still up in the air.


3) ALVR (Open Source Alternative):

Some clever developers have found a way to port ALVR to VisionOS however there are some bugs that make it less than ideal. Check out uploadVRs coverage on it here:



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