Can you attach an external SSD to iPhone 15 Pro?

Can you attach an external SSD to iPhone 15 Pro?

Posted by Matthias Siiteri on

1.Get The Right Cable

First you need a good cable. 

Apple says to use a USB 3 cable with speed of at least 10 Gbits per second. 

However there are multiple types of USB 3 and not all are rated for 10 Gbps. 

This covers the quite large demand of ProRes 4k 60p video files - which is about 1.768 Gigabits per second ~ 0.2 Gigabytes of storage per second of footage.

Our cable is rated for this and has been tested for recording long sessions with no dropped frames. 

Here is apples guideline in case you want to read more about it:



2. Get The Right Mount

 You could go ahead and pick up a beastgrip or smallrig mount but that requires paying over $150 and having to stick your phone in a large metal chassis every time you want to rig it up. 

We may be a little bias since we designed this, but we think this is the best option for starting quickly to film in no time. 

MagDrive is a universal SSD mount that is the only one with built in MagSafe charging

Meaning no more worrying about battery life while recording to your SSD. 

It also has a cold shoe and 1/4" thread for mounting on tripods and attaching accessories. 

It has saved us a ton of time with no rigging or hassle and I'm sure it will for you too. 

Check it out here:

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