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Top 4 Unique MagSafe Accessories You've Never Heard Of

Posted by Matthias Siiteri on

Tired of only hearing about basic MagSafe accessories like the PopSocket?

It's time to take a look at the lesser-known MagSafe accessories that you most likely didn't know existed.

In this blog post, we'll show you to five unique MagSafe accessories that have emerged from crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

These accessories showcase how many unique uses people have though of when it comes to MagSafe. 

1. AI Powered Voice Recorder by Plaud Note 

While this isn't the first voice recorder that uses MagSafe, it has a trick up it's sleeve by being the only to transcribe your voice memos using chatGPT.

As of this writing in September 2023, they have entered mass production after a successful crowdfunding campaign. It will be interesting to follow this as more reviews come out.

2. MagSafe Notebook & Pen by SideNote

Pen and paper simply can't be replaced. 

This is a pretty cool idea where it's always ready and attached to the back of your phone via MagSafe. 

They really went the extra mile to craft it out of premium materials too. 

Since it only adds 10mm thickness to the back of your phone I think it's one of the sleekest ways to EDC pen and paper if you have an iPhone. 

This product was recently fully launched by SideNote on Kickstarter and is now for sale. I personally am thinking about picking this one up since I miss the speed and tactility of taking notes with pen and paper.

3. DAC & Headphone Amplifier for Lossless Hi-Fi Audio by Khadas

Audiophiles will love this one...

If you insist on getting hi-fi audio and still have music downloaded on your iPhone, then this will let you use a high quality pair of cans without having to carry around a massive amplifier. 

It is less than 8mm thick, has 8 hour battery life and has a 3.5mm headphone hack.

Truly impressive how compact they were able to keep the footprint on this product. 

 4. MagCam: Laptop/Desktop Continuity MagSafe Camera Mount by Galileo Gear

Ok we might be a little biased on this one since its the product we designed!

But hear us out...

There are currently no other continuity camera mounts on the market that work with both laptop screens and desktop monitors. Our MagCam accessory works seamlessly with both. 

But taking it a step further, we added two 1/4'' threads so that it can be used with a wide variety of camera accessories that we also will have. 

Including: Cold Shoe Mount for DSLR/Mirroless Camera, Tripod Mount, Selfie Stick etc. 

We use our personal ones all the time to get the zoom calls looking more professional.

Since everyone knows how good the cameras on iPhone are it'll be no surprise that it even looks better than our dedicated webcams that cost 100 bucks!


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