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Silicone Base Installation

  1. The Silicone base will arrive on a sheet of paper in the shipping package.
  2. Place the MagDisc upside down on a flat surface.
  3. Remove the silicone base from it's sheet of paper.
  4. Carefully line up one end of the silicone base with the edge of the MagDisc.
  5. Gently apply force to adhere it to the base.
  6. Slowly work along the circumference of the stand and apply force.
  7. Once complete, let the adhesive cure for 5 minutes.
  8. Email at matthias@galileogear.com for any questions. 



MagPuck Instructions

  1. If you ordered the MagPuck Add-on, it will come already inserted into your MagDisc stand. 
  2. Please note the MagPuck is a tight fit with MagDisc. To remove it use both hands and apply force, reference the video below.
  3. To re-insert it, place it in the middle and work around the edges of the mag puck until it is evenly inserted. 
  4. Email at matthias@galileogear.com for any questions.